Analog Man AstroTone Fuzz
Analog Man AstroTone Fuzz

AstroTone Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Analog Man.

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mooseherman 30/11/2010

Analog Man AstroTone Fuzz : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Pretty cool, lighter fuzz pedal"

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Analog Man makes some really cool pedals, up there with some of the best. This one is a fuzz pedal that is a bit lighter than some of the fuzz pedals I've used before. It has two 1/4" connections (in and out), and it also has a connection for a PV power adapter, it can also use a battery. This is totally analog, and as such, there are no MIDI or USB connections, and the unit is not rackable in any way.


The sound editing on this pedal is pretty easy. There's really only three knobs. Volume, tone, and Fuzz are those knobs. They each do pretty much exactly what they say. There's no need for a manual, I haven't read one, but I'm sure that you can read it easily to find what you need to know.


I like the sound of this with a Les Paul and a Telecaster the most. It definitely responds better to the Les Paul, though. I like it with my Fender Twin the best, it really rips a lot. This pedal is different because it doesn't quite annihilate the tone the way a lot of (admittedly, awesome) fuzz pedals do. In fact, when it's cranked all the way up, I don't really think it's that good. I actually prefer it with the fuzz setting on light, when it acts more as a distortion/boost. It'll pick up your rhythm tones from being slightly overdriven to being loud and rocking. It has a decent amount of variety for a fuzz pedal, one of the reasons it's good, I suppose.


While this certainly is far from my favorite fuzz pedal, I'd have to say I enjoy it quite a bit. It works really well as a boost/distortion as well as a fuzz, and it's easy to use. It has no noise, and is true-bypass, which works well for me. I'd recommend it if you find that a lot of fuzz pedals are too much for you.