Stomp Under Foot Civil War
Stomp Under Foot Civil War

Civil War, Fuzz pedal from Stomp Under Foot.

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muffhead 14/06/2012

Stomp Under Foot Civil War : la opinión de muffhead (content in English)

"My favorite SUF!"

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Inspired by the 1991 Russian fuzz made popular by David Gilmour the Civil War has a full, blooming tone due to its big low-end and a nice grit to chords.


Pedal has three knobs: Volume, Tone and Sustain.
The tone knob in particular has a wide tone sweep which is really awesome.


The big bottom end and the smooth tone of the SUF Civil War Muff made this my favorite SUF Pedal. It has a loose and gritty character which compliments to it's overall smooth tone.
If you're looking for "sustain", this pedal has it = plenty of them!
Honestly, I couldn't find a bad setting out of this pedal.


This is the best Civil War clone out there hands down!