Stomp Under Foot OpAmp fuzz
Stomp Under Foot OpAmp fuzz

OpAmp fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Stomp Under Foot.

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Ronmo 22/06/2010

Stomp Under Foot OpAmp fuzz : la opinión de Ronmo (content in English)

"the smashing pumpkins sound"

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Hand made analog fuzz


Very easy to used, three knobs, it's all you need to have a lots of good sound.


I play the opamp through a rivera knucklehead and a koch powertone, and it sounds greath with both amp, and my this pedal is very responsive and works great with all guitars (Humbuckers, single coil, p90).
I love it, you can get the smashing pumkpins sound easily, with the higher gain setting, you can have big fuzz tone, and even with the lower setting, the pedal sounds awesome, you can play everything with this stompbox; lead, chords, it's impossible to have a bad sound !


Perfect for rock sound (grunge...)
The OpAmp is great, i've own many fuzz pedal and this one is a keeper.