Stomp Under Foot Violet Ram's Head
Stomp Under Foot Violet Ram's Head

Violet Ram's Head, Fuzz pedal from Stomp Under Foot.

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muffhead 14/06/2012

Stomp Under Foot Violet Ram's Head : la opinión de muffhead (content in English)


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Inspired by a 1975 "VIOLET" version of the Ram's Head this classic fuzz is mostly associated with David Gilmour's tone on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" but also a great, all-around fuzz for any style.


Volume - Controls the overall output of the pedal.
Tone - Very usable tone sweep from dark to bright.
Sustain - Controls the distortion level.


What caught my attention about this pedal is how clear and articulate it is especially for rhythm and chords. It doesn't have a big bottom end compared to the other muff version but still is good enough for chords and leads.
This pedal has plenty of gain on the tap. If you're concerned how this one performs in a band context, don't worry because it cuts in the mix pretty well.


If you have to choose one in Matt's selection. I suggest you get this one.