The Tone God Acute NerFuzz
The Tone God Acute NerFuzz

Acute NerFuzz, Fuzz pedal from The Tone God.

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James... 24/12/2011

The Tone God Acute NerFuzz : la opinión de James... (content in English)

"This is analog?"

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Has a huge amount of parameters to tweak. Full eq section, gain, drive, gate, feed, level... It's an amazing feature set for what it essentially a distortion box. Or a fuzz box...or something.


The chassis is total steel and feels literally like it could survive a drop from 200 meters onto brick. The most striking thing about it is the two plates on the top of it that evidently are the control switches. The point of these according to the "tone god" is to eliminate any chance of switch failure. I like this idea and fortunately the switches are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.

The massive amount of parameters is at first daunting, but most of the controls you see here shouldn't be new. The gate is a little bit of a head scratcher though. I'm not a fan of gates much anyway, so maybe someone else will appreciate it. The Diff control however is totally new to me. I'm not sure technically what it's for but it seems to cause the pedal to freak out. The feed control is not very complicated. It just makes the pedal feed back. Has 20 storing banks. They are footswitchable of course.


But does the fuzz sound good? It sure has a ton of features. Well actually it does a lot of things besides fuzz. It can cover about any distortion task when tweaked enough. You can get subtle warm grit or some over the top fuzzy goodness. But honestly the real coolness comes when you mess with the feed and diff controls. You can get some truly otherwordly and scary sounds out of it this way. With a bit of tapdancing there is pretty much no end to how many fuzz tasks you can get from the Nerfuzz.


The lack of physical controls and the whole 20 banks setup can be a bit of a pain sometimes. I feel like this is more of a studio pedal because live it turns out being more trouble than it's worth. Still, this is an insanely versatile analog fuzz and that's saying something. I'm impressed, yet at the same time I'm not sure how much more I'll be using it.