Zvex Fuzz Factory Vexter
Zvex Fuzz Factory Vexter

Fuzz Factory Vexter, Fuzz pedal from Zvex.

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iamqman 16/03/2011

Zvex Fuzz Factory Vexter : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Not your dad's Big Muff!!!!"

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The Zvex Fuzz Factory is not a tradition fuzz box you may be accustomed to from records of old. Zvex has taken a unique but usable approach to the classic fuzz overdrive. Using germanium transistors and the very slightest touches of the controls takes your from usable fuzz OD all the way to oscillating synth squeals that will take noise making to a whole new level.

Control layout as follows:

Volume, Gate, Comp, Drive, Stab

Volume is as it says. However, you do not want to take it past 10:30. Zvex has programmed this pedal to get excruciating volumes. In fact in the user manual is tells you not to take it past this range.

Gate is simple a noise gate that allows a user to clip some of the noise feedback with blazing fuzz distortion. It also allows you to use as an oscillation knob depending on how you have the other controls.

Comp simply compresses the tone but beware when using this when you have the stab and drive up. Again this knob creates an oscillation as well.

Drive is where you get your distortion and can get very useful throughout the clock range from simple OD to blistering fuzz.

Stab is a unique control that is only usable all the way to the right. You need to stay in the 3-5 o'clock range to be usable. Very touch sensitive and again usable as an oscillator.


It is quite easy to use. Any monkey who is capable of using a distortion box will be able to find there way around the tones of this unit. The manual helps you get started with some suggested usage settings. However, you need to take it for a spin to get the feel for the pedal and how sensitive the knobs can be. Zvex makes enough suggestions to get you up and running in seconds.


I used this with a Strat and an LP into a Fender HRD and Marshall JMP. I found it to work for me better with the Fender. Different feel with the Marshall....not bad just different. I probably spent more time coming up with crazy oscillation than running general fuzz applications. However, this isn't a pedal that I would use on a normal basis. It is more of toy that can make cool sounds but not as an everyday fuzz or distortion box. I also didn't find it very usable with other pedal such as a TS9 or a Boss OD-2. It really takes over your tone and the sound dominates what your doing.


The thing that was fun was making weird oscillating noises. Other than that I did not find a quality use for it. It is kind of expensive even though a got it a few bucks cheaper. Even though it is built very well, $299 for a fuzz box that kind of sounded weak if your used to a Big Muff was just not for me. The two could not be further from each other.

If you want to hear it in its context, check out Matt Bellamy from Muse on the song "Plug Me In". There is a real recording application. If you like that tone then you will like this pedal. For me I'll stick to the Big Muff.