Numark TTX
Numark TTX

TTX, Giradiscos from Numark in the TT series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Numark TTX : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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This has all the features you could want. Everything on it I have found useful, except the BPM counter which I never would use anyways, but it is definatly off. Does it effect the rating though? Not at all. This table is still dope. the pitch adjust is very accurate and surprising very useful, especially if you drop it down on the right track and want to get a nice bass boooom. Reverse has been useful for scratching as is the interchangable tone arms. I use the straight when scratching and if playing over a beat on another record I use the s tone arm. People talk about the record wear and sound quality of a straight arm causing problems, but I don't notice a considerable amount of difference in this, and if your a scratch dj you are definatly not afraid of record wear.. you can't treat them like babies ya know? This deck has the perfect features tho... I sold my techs after getting this. There is nothing missing.

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Perfect, no problem what so ever. Unlike the PDX2000, I think this turntable could be universally accepted by turntablist and mix dj's because of the tone arm system. Most mix dj's may not find as much use for the features (still some would be handy) as a scratch dj would, but it is cheaper and built stronger then techs, so why not give it a shot?

Very easy, very ergonamic setup. It has been made so that it works perfectly for someone using it battle style or tradional style. The manual reads very easily and explains things nicely.

I have lugged it around and unfortunatly even dropped it about 3 feet once, it freaked me out, but it had no damage. It is a metal table like techs, but powder coated on the outside so it doesn't get scratched as easily as techs. It is even heavier then a techs which some people may not like but I have no problem with it. It is a tank. I've never had to contact customer support. Only beef is the target light could have been brighter, but i changed the light and now its fine.

I loved it enough that after buying one (because I was skeptical) and abusing it for several months I sold my other 1210 (no need for them now) and bought another ttx1. This table has everything a tech has and more, and a better price. I personally think it is the best on the market right now. I don't think anyone can go wrong with a 1200 or a pdx2000, all are good tables, but if your innovative and into scratch music then the pdx is far better then a 1200, and if your into mixing the pdx falls short because some people are skeptical of it being plastic, have heard of it having a wobbly platter, and also has only the straight arm. The ttx1 fits perfectly in the middle of this. It has the best of both worlds AND some with the extra features. i love this deck... i don't think i'll ever need a new table again.. but i am still open to try new things so who knows...

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