Kodak Zi8
Kodak Zi8

Zi8, Grabadora de vídeo de bolsillo from Kodak.

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vsavagellc 04/12/2012

Kodak Zi8 : la opinión de vsavagellc (content in English)

"Great Budget Camera (Flip Ultra HD Rival)"

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The Kodak Zi8 is a great camera for semi pro to pro recording projects. I claim pro simply because if you have this camera in the hands of a professional in the correct environment blocking his or her shots correctly then you won't be able to tell the difference of camera switching through the short film/movie/commercial that has been shot.

This camera (at the time of purchase) was not very expensive but since it's been discontinued most vendors have jacked the price up to $400-$500 (which is ridiculous) you can get a DSLR for that amount of money.

The Zi8 supports external microphones unlike this rival (Flip Ultra HD). You'll want an external mic if you plan on shooting quality material. No one wants to see good video laced with bad audio.

I personally think the video quality looks better on it's LCD screen than it does when transported and uploaded to something youtube. The Flip (for some reason) looks better than the Zi8 (but not by much) both cameras are exactly the same if you're in the right lighting environment.

The Zi8 is not as good as a dslr, it sucks in low light conditions and as with any portable camera (Vado, Flip etc) it needs GOOD lighting.
File storage consists of an SD card, to some this could be a problem for other it may not. I know I personally like the idea of the flip styled USB are when it comes to transferring my files over but not ever company offers that.

I find this video camera to perfect for shooting
YouTube videos
Instructional Videos
Family get togethers
Pro Film
Semi pro Film

I feel the Zi8 works best at a range of 10 feet or less (depending on what your shooting at).
I would stay away from the digital zoom as it will make your video grainy. If you have to zoom in simply move closer.. Don't zoom.

If you run into a Zi8 for less than $150, I would grab it because it's worth the money.

Lastly, there are a lot of vendors who offer attachment lenses (which will improve the cameras video clarity)