Korg ElecTribe Er-1 MkII
Korg ElecTribe Er-1 MkII

ElecTribe Er-1 MkII, Groove Machine from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Korg ElecTribe Er-1 MkII : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Every sound is tweakable like a synth so that is a plus. The step sequencer is cool you can tweak your sounds and set up your patterns ont he fly with ease because you just click a sound pad and then click the steps on the sequencer where you want that sound to play. The ERMKII can link up with other Electribe equipment in the series line for more tweaking and more sounds so that is a plus as well. For a small box and an ok price the ERMKII has solid features that fit it.

Price paid: 275.00 USD


I found the ERMKII easy to use. If you understand the concept of step sequencers it's pretty much pick up and go. On the tweaking hand, it is also pretty easy. You can just play with the knobs and hear the differences in the sound on the fly or you can look at the manual and get in depth and see what each knob does. Their wasn't anything with the ERMKII or any point of time during usage that something became difficult of confusing. Tweaking sounds was alittle confusing at first and I just played with them without knowing what I was actually changing but it's user friendly and a good starting tool.


The sounds contained within the ERMKII and the sounds that can be created with it are mostly techno/dance sounds. Every sound can be tweaked to make a ton of compelty new sounds but theres only so much you can tweak the eventually you get the same sounds after a while. If your heavily into techno/dance and step sequencing the ERMKII would be a nice start for you. Their isn't really alot of amazing or crazy sounds in the ERMKII though. If your a techno/dance head you have most likely heard a lot of these basic sounds before. Even with the tweaking, it's not very in depth so the variations aren't really wide.


The casing is pretty solid but I wouldn't trust dropping it on hard ground. The knobs aren't really sturdy and you can wobble them, I didn't like that. The pads were ok, a little stiff but they were solid. I am careful with my equipment so I can't really say if it holds up to a a real strength test.

I only had it for about 2 months because I am more hip hop based while the ERMKII is more techno/dance oriented. It was cool to use sometimes. I would just sit down and and just start putting in patterns on the step sequencer easily and tweaking sounds on the fly. I'd reccomend it to someone just getting started with making beats and only if they have techno/dance oriented music in mind.

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Posted by: H&R ( 4-, 2006)