Roland MC-303
Roland MC-303

MC-303, Groove Machine from Roland in the MC series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland MC-303 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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There sure are alot of features... some of which work better than others. The sequencer is easy to work with for short patterns, complete with midi out and flexible quantize. My roommate has had some good luck stringing patterns together with the song sequencer. The arpeggiator is *amazing*, and makes it really easy to get really funky drums happening really fast (really!). Easy to use filters for playing with sounds. The onboard effects never worked that well or sounded that good. I don't use them. RPS sets never worked well for me either. Features i would like the most: 1) Multiple, assignable outputs would instantly upgrade this machine from "cool toy" to "cool instrument". So sad. 2)Midi in without having to revert to 'sound module' mode where everything sounds utterly cheesy.


Wow. For a six digit display, this thing is pretty easy to work with. This was the electronic machine that i learned to make music on. I guess i'm partial to the interface beacause of it.

The reliability of my unit has always been truly questionable at best. It has often bumped it's head on the ceiling of available memory when only *approaching* 80%, rendering the entire contents of memory as mostly useless. (ie hours of work, down the tubes). I guess i ought to back it up via a memory dump every once i a while, but instead i just use it for short, simpler patterns, and don't get too attached. It really does tend to flake out if it tries to do too much at once. I've had to repair a few pots on it, which didn't cost me much.


Alot of really cheesy sounds, but they are easy to tweak, you can get many of them to sound really neat (and even really nice!) by playing around with the octave ranges and filters. There are are a LOT of sounds in there, and i've spent many hours having fun mining out new ones, and playing around with them.


What can i say? This was my first music machine and i love it to bits. I still use it today for the arpeggiator, the simplicity of the sequencer, and even for nice sounds which i can get to quickly. For the price you can pick them up at these days, i think it would be well worth it even if only as a flexible drum machine and arpeggiator with external triggering.(umm... that is to say "flexible" minus having multiple assignable outs, mind you!)

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