Roland MC-303
Roland MC-303

MC-303, Groove Machine from Roland in the MC series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland MC-303 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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It's definitely a fun groovebox, once you get past the 2 digit display, it's really a "fun" box to use. Sequencer is a bit blah, but surprisingly the arpegiator is a blast to use, tons of presets not just your basic up down up/down you see on other synths. And hell, got a tap tempo button which is great to sync with a live band. Midi is great, I sync'ed the MC as a slave to Electribes and had no issues at at all.



Once you get past the 2 digit display, it's a decent machine under $125, hell it's a GREAT machine under $125. You can pretty much decipher the display without reading too much of the manual, but again, always helps to have the manual handy.

This thing is built rock solid. Casing is like metal and the knobs are big and bulkier (than say those of korgs) which is a good thing when tweaking those knobs in live situation. 1996, and still going strong!!!


Well this groovebox is a rompler and was built in mid 90s. Straight up, I find the patches thin, but some workable presets, with some tweaks and effects not too bad at all, definitely usable. Filters are smooth, but again, not the greatest but do open up the patches somewhat.


MC-303 is a love and hate relationship. It has it's own personality and definitely a fun box to "#*!" around with! I wouldn't use it by itself that's for sure, definetely belongs in a team

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