Amt Electronics B1 Bogner
Amt Electronics B1 Bogner

B1 Bogner, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Amt Electronics in the Legend Amps series.

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Jerald 27/11/2014

Amt Electronics B1 Bogner : la opinión de Jerald (content in English)

"Great Bogner tone!"

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This is a one channel device that is all about achieving the PREAMP tone of a (Bogner designed) Hafler Triple Giant -Sharp channel (Highest gain!)!


This is a "one channel preamp" in pedal form that replicates the Bogner hi gain sound. It is meant to go straight into a poweramp or you can use the cab sim output into a PA or to record. NOT a distortion pedal!!


Bogner hi gain sound!! Perfect dynamics and tone of a Bogner! Very accurate= think Jerry Cantrell or Marty Friedman (Holy Wars Solo's). I have ran this into the CD/aux input of a Marshall AVT20 w/a 10" Celestion and blew away the Marshall preamp! Sounded Very hi end. I run it into a tube poweramp and get a great tone from it. Benefits from a OD boost as well! Wide dynamics!


Wide dynamics! This JFET technology is just amazing. Yes it is just the Hi Gain Channel w/o a clean but it does it perfectly! At $130 this is a real treasure for people on a budget who cannot afford a hi end amp or real Bogner. Has a true bypass switch. Needs to be powered by a 12v 1.25 amp PS to get the full dynamics (will run on a 9v battery or 9v PS), this is VERY important. Amazing!!!