Vox Tonelab SE
Vox Tonelab SE

Tonelab SE, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Vox in the Tonelab series.

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moosers 04/11/2010

Vox Tonelab SE : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Vox Tonelab SE is an in depth guitar processing, tube based, work station that can be used on the stage or in the studio. I’d say it’s best suited for live shows, as you’ve virtually got ever type of sound you’d ever need on this thing. While for recording I like to use individual effects, this would be more than adequate for this application as well. As far as connections go, the majority of them are ¼” for your standard inputs and outputs, but also for headphones, inserts, and other routing options. It’s also got MIDI jacks, two separate expression pedals, and a real tube built right into it.


Learning how to use the Vox Tonelab SE is definitely a process, as you’re not going to learn everything on here after even using it a few times. I personally have only used this a few times on a series of sessions where a client brought it in. Even after having messed with it for a good amount of time, there is still a lot that you can do with it that I haven’t had a need to dive into. Getting your basic sounds isn’t too difficult, but there are just so many options to work with here (trust me I’m not complaining about this!). A manual is definitely something that I’d recommend having around for the Tonelab SE.


The sounds on the Vox Tonelab SE are actually quite legit. I must admit that I’m usually weary of guitar processors that have everything and the kitchen sink available on them, but this one for the most part does the job extremely well. The best part about using the Tonelab SE is the ability to blend sounds with all different sorts of effects. This includes in depth amp modeling, delay and reverb, and all sorts of modulation effects like chorus, vibrato, and all the rest. It’s also amazing that you can create and store all of these sounds all in one place, with the ability of course to bring it back with the push of a button.


The Vox Tonelab SE is an extremely powerful guitar processing, all in one effects unit. Most of these sorts of units that I’ve used in the past don’t exactly live up to what they’re offering, but the Tonelab SE is absolutely one of the best I’ve used. I think that fact that it’s tube based really warms up all of the sounds on here. Some are definitely more realistic than others, but for the most part I find this one to be pretty great. This isn’t the cheapest unit of it’s kind, but for quality you’re going to pay a price. If you’re looking to go the multi-effects route for guitar, the Vox Tonelab SE is most likely the model I’d recommend.