Line 6 POD XT Pro
Line 6 POD XT Pro

POD XT Pro, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from Line 6 in the POD Pro series.

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iamqman 18/03/2011

Line 6 POD XT Pro : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Great effects processor!!"

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I have gone through quite a few trial and errors to come to this unit. I tried out the regular POD XT, the Vox Tonelab, and now I picked this unit up on ebay. I got a steal of a price to from some guy on there that had a buy it now price at $450. I think these units normally run around $699. So jumped at the deal. At this time I was in a U2 style band and I had read that the Edge used this unit to get some of his tones.

For the longest time I was running with a Vox Ac30 and then eventually a Marshall and tried all kinds of variations with it. I loved the effects that came with it. In fact the delays in here are some of my favorite and easy to use in a band setting.


I was already used to the POD operation so this was easy. It is set up like a normal chain of guitar- amp- cab- effects like you would experience in a real situation. With the Vox I would try amp simulation more since I didn't crank the Vox like Brian May. When used with the Marshall I ran mostly just delays and modulation. I never used the wah functions as they were very lacking in that department. And the wah operation was a bit confusing too. I never really understood how to use the wah efficiently. It did not seem very real at all either so I just used a normal Fulltone wah.

Like all Line 6 units the manual is very helpful to get you started. It gives you ways to set it up with your current rig and possible ways to run for more effective use. Line 6 does a great job explaining their equipment so that a newbie can get a full understanding and be ready for the gig.


The sound quality is good and bad. The amps and cab simulation is horrible. I don't blame line 6 because you really cannot simulate a real amp using digital properties. It will never feel like the real thing and never give you that ballsy satisfaction of cranking a tube amp.

However, the effects in this unit are amazing. There are so many didn't modulations and delays that can have you exploring your creativity for hours. The delays are very warm and smooth. You can really get in there and tailor the delay parameters to your liking. Plus periodically they do updates via there website which adds new sounds and features. I never explored the Model Packs that they sell since I felt I had everything I needed standard in this unit.

I used a Strat with a Vox Ac30 and a Marshall JCM2000 into a vintage Marshall 4x12 with Blackback speakers rated at 25 watts. I also used it with a BBE rack unit and a TC G Major. I would jump from unit to unit with delays since I was into that at that time. I think the TC's delays sounded better but it did not have all the various types of delays that the Line 6 unit had. So I bounced back and forth quite a bit.


Line 6 makes it very easy to use. One of the main reasons I belong to their mailer and periodically get updates from their company. I love there gear and most likely will purchase more of there stuff in the future.

I would recommend this to any guitar player in need of good effects processing. You will need a foot controlled midi unit to operate this thing in a live setting. So there is more of a gear commitment with this then the POD XT live. I would also recommend this unit to any sound engineer or producer because you can get some great effects that can be used in a recording application.