Divided by 13 Dyna-Ranger
Divided by 13 Dyna-Ranger

Dyna-Ranger, Guitar/Bass booster from Divided by 13.

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moosers 23/11/2011

Divided by 13 Dyna-Ranger : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Divided By 13's Dyna-Ranger is a high end treble booster pedal for guitar. I think that it's a direct clone of a Dallas Rangemaster treble booster used by Eric Clapton in the 1960's, but I'm not 100% if that's the pedal they are trying to emulate or not. This is an all analog pedal that has 1/4" connections for input and output and is powered by a standard nine volt power supply. It's not rack mountable since it's a stomp box.


There isn't too much to account for in terms of parameters with the Divided By 13 Dyna-Ranger as it's a pretty simple pedal. It simply has controls for boost level and another knob that has 5 positions for a variety of different tone options, ranging from a traditional treble boosting to options with a bit more meat in your tone involved. That's pretty much all that you need to know, so no need for the manual here.


The Divided By 13 Dyna-Ranger is probably the best sounding and most versatile treble booster that I've had the pleasure of using. I've only used it in a studio setting as I don't own it for myself. It's perfect for getting a quick boost happening for lead parts, but I also really like the other positions on it as it can also really add some girth to your sound. Probably the most versatile booster that I've used because of this.


I didn't know much about Divided By 13 until I recently had the chance to use the Dyna-Ranger and I'm really glad that I now know about this great pedal manufacturer. They have a fantastic collection of pedal and amplifiers, although not the cheapest route to go. Of course you're always going to have to pay for quality and high quality is exactly what you'll get here. If you are looking for the ultimate booster pedal, the Dyna-Ranger is exactly it.