Fulltone Fat-Boost
Fulltone Fat-Boost

Fat-Boost, Guitar/Bass booster from Fulltone.

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mooseherman 15/10/2010

Fulltone Fat-Boost : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Hard-to-find Original pedal that fattens and boosts"

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This is a boost pedal made by Fulltone. It's called the Fat Boost because in addition to simple volume boost, it fattens up your tone a lot. It has two 1/4" connections as well as an input for an AC adapter which will prevent you from losing tone. There are no MIDI connections, nor is there any computer options. This pedal is not rackable.


The editing on this pedal is pretty easy. There is a knob for volume and a knob for tone, as well as a smaller knob for input gain. It might be strange to have what appears to be two volume knobs on the pedal, but you'll soon notice that one is more of the clean boost while the other fattens, even drives, the tone a little bit. This pedal, like most pedals, eats batteries so I recommend using the adapter, it'll save you money in the long run. I don't have a manual as I got mine used but I don't think anyone would really need one.


I like this pedal a lot, but I don't know if it's my favorite boost pedal. While it is cool that it fattens up the sound, and sometimes gives it a light overdrive, I don't know if that is always what I am looking for. This is great if you play blues or R&B, or really anything with a clean tube sound, but if you play rock that is heavier, you will find that using this in combination with a fuzz or heavier distortion will make that signal muddier, which is the last thing you want, unless you're going for some type of lo-fi, mangled sound. The pedal colors the tone a little too much for my taste, as well. It's a cool pedal in its own right but I think I'd prefer a cleaner boost with my existing pedals.


While the pedal is cool, the coloring of the sound and the mild overdrive aren't exactly my cup of tea, especially since you'll get similar but better sounds from an overdrive pedal (not to mention more variety in tone). I would try the pedal if it sounds like something you'd be interested in but just make sure you know what you're doing if you're going to go ahead and buy it.