Best Service Poetic Acoustic Guitars
Best Service Poetic Acoustic Guitars

Poetic Acoustic Guitars, Guitarra acústica virtual from Best Service.

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content in English
JoeW1 25/03/2013

Best Service Poetic Acoustic Guitars : la opinión de JoeW1 (content in English)

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This software has no compatibility issues with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 32bit & 64bit , and of course MAC.

The manual that comes with the program covers in depth the features and functions of the the software.

The setup is pretty fast , the size of the software goes around to 2 GB , so it should take a couple of minutes , apart from that , extremely easy setup.


The software works correctly in its configuration , also stability is not an issue , very powerful product.


What I really love about this product is the combination of 3 distinct guitars that comes with the pack :
Ryan Guitar - Nightingale Grand Soloist , Fleta Guitar - 8 Strings and Rodriguez - Spanish Guitar.

Another amazing feature of this product apart from the high quality of the sound , are the playing techniques like : Harmonic, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up, Slide Down, Slide In, Slide Out, Chord, Mute, Bending, Strum and many others.

Also you get a decent legato which gives more of a realistic feel to the listener.

You get about to 12 velocity levels , a decent vibrato amount , and a couple of cool effects like reverb, delay, chorus, transposition, compression, EQ and overdrive.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , I really love how current and commercial these guitar sound , and I do believe if you need some nice guitar for your songs , this is probably the best choice you're going to get.

Precision and quality of the sound is extremely high , with some delays , compressors and reverbs , you couldn't really distinguish this plugin from a real guitar.

Knowing what I know , I do think that I would get this product again , no hesitation attached.