Takamine C132S
Takamine C132S

C132S, Guitarra Clásica/Flamenca from Takamine in the Classics & Hirade series.

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moosers 22/02/2009

Takamine C132S : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Takamine C132S nylon string, or "classical" guitar was made in Japan and I believe that it has 24 frets. It doesn't have a pick up and is not an acoustic-electric guitar - because of this it has no setting controls.


I love the way this guitar feels and plays. It is easy on the fingers and I seem to have no problems moving my fingers across the fretboard. It isn't hard to access the top notes and is pretty light in weight. The body of the guitar has a cool shape and the wood feels nice and seems to made out of reliable material. I love the inherent sounds this has as it is perfect for playing classical music.


As I previously stated, this guitar is great for playing classical music, like most nylon string acoustic guitars are. The spacing between the strings is wider than that of a regular steel string acoustic and is therefore easier to play each of the strings individually, which is part of the reason it is used for classical music. This guitar will work great for playing other types of music besides classical, if you are looking for this type of sound in another setting.


I've been using the Takamine C132S nylon string guitar for about five years. I got it because I wanted to learn how to play some classical guitar and was looking for something that wasn't cheaply made, but also wasn't too expensive. I got this used from a Guitar Center and it has really served me well for playing classical music and for situations that I wanted that nylon string acoustic sound. This guitar is built quite well and it shows in the overall sound and feel of it. The price won't kill you and is ideal for those looking to get into playing classical guitar, but don't want to spend too much money and also don't want to get a piece of crap - this guitar is definitley worth a look!