Taylor 855
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moosers 21/04/2009

Taylor 855 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Taylor 855 is a 12 string guitar that is made in the USA and is not an acoustic/electric instrument, so there are no pick ups or knobs on this guitar. The Taylor 855 has a beautiful finish and is made extremely well.


The neck of the Taylor 855 feels great and is as easy to play as any 12 string guitar that I have played before. It is easy to play all around the neck, and the neck is round and fat, with plenty of room to fit your fingers around the guitar. This guitar isn't too light or small, but isn't inconveniently heavy or too big. Getting a good sound is extremely easy if you know how to play, whether you are talking about recording or playing live.


The sound quality of the Taylor 855 12 string guitar is top notch when it comes to 12 string acoustic guitars. I've played a few different types of 12 string guitars, this is definitely one of the best. Each string has a huge sound to it that is both rich sounding and full. I love the way that 12 string guitars sound, and this is one of the best sounding ones that I've ever played.


I've been using the Taylor 855 12 string guitar for about a year and it is truly a great guitar. It not only sounds incredible, but it has a beautiful look to it, with an awesome looking inlay and body colors. The Taylor 855 isn't a cheap guitar and is designed for professionals, so I would only really recommend this guitar if you are looking for a 12 string guitar to last a lifetime and have a good amount of money to spend on it. For those who can afford it, the Taylor 855 is one of the best 12 string acoustic guitars out there.