Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom with Floyd Rose
Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom with Floyd Rose

Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom with Floyd Rose, Guitarra de forma Flying V/Explorer/Firebird from Gibson in the Custom Shop Flying V series.

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tonmazz 18/08/2012

Gibson Zakk Wylde Flying V Custom with Floyd Rose : la opinión de tonmazz (content in English)

"Gibson Custom Shop Zakk Wylde Flying V"

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This is one of the Gibson Custom Shop's coolest creations in my opinion. The Zakk Wylde Flying V comes with an original Floyd Rose trem, Zakk's trademark EMG 85 and 81 pick-up set,Mahogony body with maple top, Ebony fret board, typical Gibson knob and switch set up. And most importantly the coolest paint job there is on any V...I say that as a huge Zakk fan boy. This was a limited edition piece but they are out there to be had on Ebay and some other places.


This truly is one of the best Vs I have ever played. Access up top is great, the thing is very light and feels a lot like an SG in that way. Very easy to play and has a great neck radius. It's easy to overlook the discomfort of a V when you see how cool it looks. Well designed.


Ok my only disclaimer on the sound is that I hate EMGs so if they are your thing, you would have no complaints. Love the guitar for what it is and be done. As a Zakk fan that is exactly what I do but my sound rating is less than perfect for that one reason. It is perfect for the music of Zakk and sounds like it should for that and for modern music in general. I find a good humbucker such as a JB or Tone Zone a much better choice for classic rock tones.


Overall opinion is that this is a great instrument with a lot of mojo if you are a Zakk fan. I love the paint job, the feel, the weight, the fret board is superb and the Trem is a great feature. I have stated the opinion on the EMGS and the only other thing is that I wish it came with the unfinished neck like the Les Pauls with Zakk's name. This is a great feature and would have worked on this. The other downside is the price, yes it is a quality instrument and yes it is Gibson Custom Shop but holy moly $4,000+ is a lot of cash. That being said love the guitar for what it is and would say if you have the cash this is a good choice to display and play.