Gibson Flying V '67 Reissue - Classic White
Gibson Flying V '67 Reissue - Classic White

Flying V '67 Reissue - Classic White, Guitarra de forma Flying V/Explorer/Firebird from Gibson belonging to the [Flying V Series] Flying V '67 Reissue model.

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drkorey 22/07/2011

Gibson Flying V '67 Reissue - Classic White : la opinión de drkorey (content in English)

"Overall a great & cool guitar!"

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Early 2000's USA made Gibson Flying V '67 reissue. Mahogany body and set neck, '60's thin neck carve, 24-3/4" scale & 1-11/16" width rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, Tune-O-Matic/Stop Bar bridge and tailpiece, a 496R Ceramic Humbucker neck pup, and a 500T Ceramic Humbucker bridge pup and 2 Volume, 1 Tone and 3-way Pickup Toggle for controls.


Being a V shape this guitar has unlimited access to higher frets - the easiest I've ever played!
With 2 Volume, 1 Tone and 3-way Pickup Toggle for controls you can get a wide variety of sounds and I found it very easy to get good sounds with the guitar.
Being a V shape, the guitar can be tricky to play while seated but all you have to do is have the V straddle a leg and I found it to be comfortable.
This is my favorite shape of guitar to play live - it's light weight, sounds good and looks killer.
You do have to be a bit careful that you don't bump the tips of the V wings since they hang so far out, so I'll take a point away for that.


I used this guitar with custom built Peters amplifiers, which are kind of a cross between a Peavey 5150 and high gain Marshall/VHT with a little Boogie thrown in. It was also used with these amps:an Egnater IE4 pre, Marshall TSL, Mesa DC-5 and Peavey 5150II. The amp was paired with an Avatar 4x12 that had Celestion G12h -30's and a Splawn 4x12 with Governor/ManOWar speaker combo,a VHT FB cab and a stock Marshall 1960B.

I usually go for a nice thick Jerry Cantrell AIC tone, to use with my modern rock/metal band.

The guitar had a very open sound to it and all frequencies were represented fairly evenly with a bit more emphasis on mids and quite a bit of highs. It was tight and crunchy under high gain playing. Overall a very nice sound. The cleans were just ok because the ceramic humbuckers didn't clean up that well.

My favorite sounds with this guitar were the high gain tones - both lead and rhythm playing. Least favorite tones were the limited cleans. Overall, it suited my style of music very well!


I loved just about everything concerning this guitar - so much so I bought 2 Gothic V's!
I bought this as a scratch and dent from an online retailer and got a great price on it.
I would buy this again if under the same circumstances.
My least favorite things are the sitting and playing issue and the so-so cleans, but I still loved it.

I have owned many guitars and had a number of years where I would buy, try and flip, which enabled me to have many guitars around to try out.
This V has ranked pretty high on the list in overall satisfaction. I ultimately sold it when the Gothic V's came because I prefered the sound they had. For some reason, they sounded quite a bit thicker but until they arrived this was my #1.