Gibson Gothic Flying V
Gibson Gothic Flying V

Gothic Flying V, Guitarra de forma Flying V/Explorer/Firebird from Gibson in the Flying V series.

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drkorey 10/04/2011

Gibson Gothic Flying V : la opinión de drkorey (content in English)

"Awesome V- Great Guitar!!"

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I think my particular guitar was made in 2000. It is a Gibson Gothic V USA model. Mahogany body and neck, 1959 rounded Les Paul neck profile, ebony fretboard and 22 frets. Comes with black chrome hardware, graphite nut and grover tuners. It has two volume,one tone, a three-way pickup switch,496R 500T humbuckers and gibson hardshell case with pink lining and shroud. It has flatblack satin paint with gloss black pickguard and truss rod cover. Gibson logo is silver no fret markers except for a moon star 12th fret inlay. The body seems thicker than my '76 reissue V. Black beauty!


Being a V shape means the is unlimited access to all frets, lead playing access is easy! There is a nice variety of sounds available from the two humbuckers and 3-way pick up switch and it is easy to get a nice array of tones.
The guitar has a nice balance, but it would want to be neck heavy and dive at times. The neck has a favorable thickness - not too slim and not too thick.
I absolutely loved playing this guitar while standing live during shows and at practice. It is a bit different if you want to sit and play it though. You need to drop a horn between your legs while sitting - so for that I'll drop the rationg to a 7.


I used this guitar with custom built Peters amplifiers, which are kind of a cross between a Peavey 5150 and high gain Marshall/VHT with a little Boogie thrown in. The amp was paired with an Avatar 4x12 that had Celestion G12h -30's and a Splawn 4x12 with Governor/ManOWar speaker combo.

I usually go for a nice thick Jerry Cantrell AIC tone, to use with my modern rock/metal band. this guitar can get you any heavy tone you want and pretty good cleans. Suits my style of music nicely.

This guitar is super thick and super chunky! It does get close to being just a tad bassy under high gain- but overall this is a great heavy tone machine!

The guitar had very nice and thick lead tones and nice tight rhythm tones that cut through well.
My least favorite sound was cleans, but they were not too bad when the neck pickup was engaged.


I loved just about everything concerning this guitar - so much so I bought another one!
I bought this on closeout from an online retailer and got a great price on it and bought my second one as a NOS at an even better price, when no one really knew about these.
I would buy this again if under the same circumstances.
My least favorite things are the sitting and playing issue and the so-so cleans, but I still loved it.

I have owned many guitars and had a number of years where I would buy, try and flip, which enabled me to have many guitars around to try out.
This V has ranked right up there with the best of them in overall satisfaction.
For what I bought them for originally - they were a complete steal! Then for awhile the used prices began to go up - I am not sure how they are priced these days.

In the end, I did end up selling my two Gothic V's. I was getting into my 30's and it started to seem a little strange for me to be playing out with them. Plus I made money on the sales!!