Washburn Dime 333
Washburn Dime 333
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glassjaw7 21/03/2011

Washburn Dime 333 : la opinión de glassjaw7 (content in English)

"Cool Dime signature from the Washburn years."

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The Dime 333 is a Korean made model. It's made to be close to the late Dimebag Darrell's specifications, though he used the US made Washburn signature models. The 333 has cheaper, generic pickups (though they don't sound that bad) and a Washburn-licensed Floyd-Rose floating bridge.

Other specs:

Alder body
Set neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Acrylic dot inlays
24 3/4" scale


This guitar was set up great and played like butter from day one! Nice feel and easy to get accustomed to.


This guitar sounds very full and bell-like. Maybe it's the large body or the Alder, but it just rings out, even when not plugged in.
The two Washburn pickups are not bad. They have plenty of output and lots of singing sustain for leads, but they don't really have a unique "voice" or much of a complex quality. A simple pickup change will take the tone from good to great!

I have tried several pickups including a Seymour Duncan JB, a Screamin Demon, several DiMarzios and currently an EMG 81, though I am definitely going back to passives soon.

This guitar plays very smoothly and effortlessly. Even with heavy strings, it still is easy to pull off bends, most likely because of the Floyd rose trem. The drawback is that when doing big full-step bends, the bridge pulls towards the neck, resulting in the strings going flat and making it difficult to bend up to pitch. But that's a common thing with Floyds.

Clean tones ring out beatifully, and have a depth and clarity that rivals any guitar I've played, including my Les Paul.


This guitar is a great value, even today at used prices. The excessive size and pointy shape may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for the Dime fan or any guitarist that wants a unique sounding guitar with some of the best clean tones I've ever heard, and one that plays like butter, this one's for you.