Coxx Let's Roll Custom
Coxx Let's Roll Custom

Let's Roll Custom, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from Coxx.

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OrionDeOne 29/12/2013

Coxx Let's Roll Custom : la opinión de OrionDeOne (content in English)

"Best guitar I ever had!"

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I think it was made in Germany but I'm not 100% sure. It has volume control settings similar to LP guitars. What make it special is its tone. Tone is very clear, even if you don't press strings tight enough you can still make it sound better than other guitars would.


All frets are in good position even for my big hands but my tiny-framed wife plays its easily too. I wish my first guitar was so easy to play. I thought my two boys how to jam using this guitar. Its perfect for beginners as its easy to get clear sound out of it. At the same time its fit for professionals too. I find its design ergonomic and its not too heavy either so you wont fall over if you have to hold it for 4 hours long gig.


I mostly play rock, my wife is into ballads and my sons are into fusion. None of us have complaints.


Its my 7th electric guitar and none of the other 6 sounded that good. I wish I found it earlier. Good value for the price (480$).