Dean Guitars EVO XM - Satin Natural
Dean Guitars EVO XM - Satin Natural

EVO XM - Satin Natural, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from Dean Guitars belonging to the EVO XM model.

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killerkgprime 29/03/2011

Dean Guitars EVO XM - Satin Natural : la opinión de killerkgprime (content in English)

"My First Electric Guitar"

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The Dean Evo XM was my first electric guitar. In hindsight, I'm really glad that I started off with it, because it played well, and it introduced me to humbuckers. The other option I was looking at was a Squier Affinity Strat, and I've only played one that played at a passable level.

It has a vol, and one tone control, with 2 humbucking pickups, a 3 way switch, and a tune-o-matic/stoptail bridge. The body is stained Basswood (looks like mahogany), and a maple neck with a rosewood board. The neck is meaty, but thinner than an LP neck.


This guitar sounded good to my beginner ears. It was all I needed to rock out Led Zeppelin, Pat Travers, and Mountain riffs. It's pretty light, and the neck joint is slim and tapered, so it helps fret access. I played this guitar through a Fender Frontman 15 G, and it makes every guitar sound ratty and thin, so that's not a useful way to rate the sound of this guitar. I remembered that there was little fret buzz, and it played pretty easy.


I mentioned the Fender Frontman 15 G I played it through, and at the time, I was just happy to have distortion. The neck pickup sounded fat with the tone knob rolled off, great for playing the leads to Mississippi Queen (the first lead lines I learned).


I'm glad that I was introduced to humbucking and a decent playing guitar that early in my development. I definitely think that this guitar helped me improve as a player, and it played and sounded good enough that I enjoyed playing the guitar, and stuck with it. It's a great starter instrument, and I'd recommend it any day over a Squire Strat or First Act guitar, which both seem like the go-to guitars for beginners just starting out.

I had noodled around with a cheapo $30 classical guitar before I bought the Dean, and I already loved playing the guitar. Once you plug in, the feeling is never the same again, and this guitar made me stick with it, and live out my rock n' roll fantasies, playing Snortin' Whiskey, Missisipi Queen, and Heartbreaker, standing on my coffee table. Although the guitar itself isn't great, my experience with it was.