Epiphone Bob Marley Les Paul Special Tribute
Epiphone Bob Marley Les Paul Special Tribute

Bob Marley Les Paul Special Tribute, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from Epiphone in the Les Paul Special Run series.

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badgerific 13/04/2011

Epiphone Bob Marley Les Paul Special Tribute : la opinión de badgerific (content in English)

"Sounds great."

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This is an epiphone les paul guitar with a mahogany body with a special Bob Marley finnish. The neck is a mahogany set neck with rosewood fretboard, the inlays are plastic and in red, green and yellow. It has grover tuners. The pickups are alnico classic in the neck and alnico hot in the bridge position. It's wired like a standard les paul, with neck volume, neck tone, bridge volume, bridge tone and a three way pickup selector.


I find this guitar really pleasant to play because it's quite light and I really like the way flat top les pauls feel. The upper fret access isn't great and the neck is slightly too thick for my preferances but other than that it's really nice. It's quite easy to dial in a good sound with this guitar as the controls are not too complicated. That said it's certainly not limited in the range of tones that can be produced using this guitar.


I've used this guitar with a Roland Cube 60 guitar amp and it sounds great with pretty much every amp model on this amplifier. The pickups sound really good and the guitar has a wonderful full tone, probably due to the mahogany tonewood. My favorite sound is using the bridge pickup on the rectifier setting on the amp and it has a great tight metal tone. Another good setting is with the middle pickup on the clean channel for a nice crisp ska tone.


I really like the sound of this guitar as it's very versatile despite being aimed at Bob Marley fans. The one thing I really dislike is the Bob Marley finnish as I would prefer a plain mahogany guitar like Marley's own les paul guitar.