Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from Epiphone belonging to the Les Paul Custom model.

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nicocostantini 16/03/2011

Epiphone Les Paul Custom : la opinión de nicocostantini (content in English)

"Not only a Gibson is good enough!"

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The features of this guitar are just like every other LP out there: 22 frets, dual tone and volume controls

Add Grover tuners and matching gold hardware and this is a genuine black beauty. The fit and finish of the guitar is incredible, flawless to say the least. I currently own a Gibson Les Paul Custom. For the price Epiphone cannot be beat. The neck is smooth and easy to play on. The electronics and pickups are of good quality (Although I always replace them with Bare Knuckle pickups)

The only thing different is the weight, it is a little bit lighter than a genuine Gibson, it does not have the Gibson headstock and does not retain its value as much.


Very comfortable and great looking guitar. The neck is thinner than a Gibson Les Paul, the pickups are not as good. The design is just like a regular LP, you either like it or you don't. I love the humbucking tone of a Les Paul, for rock and hard rock music there is nothing out there that rivals it.

The neck is not as fast as a superstrat type guitar, the access to the upper frets is somewhat limited. It is not a shredders guitar. Its a rock machine!

I can't comment on the setup from factory since I took it straight away to a luthier to have the pickups changed


I use it with a wide variety of tube amps, the sounds are incredible. If I were to replace the electronics and pickups and blind test it against my Gibson Les Paul Custom I could not tell the difference (In fact this is exactly what I did)

Epiphone pickups are of good quality but they are not high end, neither are Gibson pickups for that matter. I recommend: Suhr, WCR or Bareknuckles as my favorites among the so called boutique replacements


Pros: Amazing looks, superb build quality and attention to detail, excellent sounds

Cons: Honestly I haven't found one thing that I dislike with maybe the exception of the pickups, but I am too spoiled in that matter.

Best LP type guitar in the sub 1K price range without a doubt, and easily beats guitars worth twice as much. I Have not tried Edwards or Tokai, as I hear that they make excellent Les Paul copies as well. You can't go wrong with Epiphone. It's not a Gibson, but it sure is good enough!