Gibson Les Paul Series - Les Paul Standard 60
Gibson Les Paul Series - Les Paul Standard 60

Les Paul Series - Les Paul Standard 60, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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mooseherman 12/01/2011

Gibson Les Paul Series - Les Paul Standard 60 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"A Classic, pure and simple"

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This is an absolute classic, the 1960 Les Paul. This was the last year that Les Pauls were made by Gibson for a while (until people started realizing how awesome they were). It's an American made guitar that has 2 humbucking Burstbucker pickups ( a Les Paul classic) and has a three-way pickup selector switch. It has a volume and tone knob for each pickup. The switch selector is in the top left corner (from the player's perspective), which is typical of Gibson guitars and others. It's made of maple with a rosewood fretboard.


This guitar is a really comfortable guitar to play. it's really got a great feel to it and it's great for playing lead and rhythm. It's smooth and well-suited to playing fast runs or just pulling out some fat chords. Due to the cutaway, it's easy to reach the top notes and really pick some crazy leads. It's got a slimmer neck which allows chords to be fretted really easily, but it's not so thin that you're fumbling over yourself playing leads. It's definitely a heavy guitar, it's going to hurt your back if you aren't careful so keep that in mind while carrying it and playing it.


This has an absolutely magnificent sound. It's got a great tone for rock music especially. Even though it wasn't very popular in 1960, it certainly caught on soon afterwards, and it's easy to see why. The pickups are great in that they act like humbuckers but don't sacrifice brightness too much, so they can get classic rock tones easily but still be capable of tearing the roof off if necessary. I can plug it into a Fender Twin and get a great overdriven clean sound just by cranking it, or I can put some distortion or overdrive on it and rock a little harder. Through a Marshall it absolutely rips. This is a phenomenal sounding guitar by any means.


This thing is certainly among the best guitars I've played, and I must say that most people would probably agree, as the guitar costs an arm and a leg. This is only for serious collectors, and hopefully that means people who are really good, as only great players deserve a guitar like this. Anyway, the sound and feel of it are great, so I'd have to highly recommend it, even compared to other Les Pauls it's phenomenal and a cut above.