Lâg Roxanne Standard
Lâg Roxanne Standard

Roxanne Standard, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from Lâg in the Roxanne series.

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iamqman 31/01/2012

Lâg Roxanne Standard : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Where to find"

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The Lag guitars are a good alternative to Gibson Les Paul or Paul Reed Smith guitars. They generally feature mahogany wood for the body and in the necks along with rose wood fretboard. Many of the wood combinations and overall cosmetics of these guitars really have an influence built right into the Gibson product line. Body shape is somewhat of a mix between a Ernie Ball guitar Gibson SG guitar. You're getting get a very similar tone out of this instrument as you would a Gibson Les Paul guitar or any other Paul Reed Smith guitars. It's a pretty standard tone and there's nothing too spectacular special about this instrument.


Body Solid Mahogany
Neck Hard Maple Set Neck
Trussrod 2 Way
Fingerboard Indian Ebony
Fingerboard Radius
Fingerboard Inlays
Fret Size Medium
Fret Qty. 22
Machine Head Lag Hi-Precision
Pickup Qty. 2
Pickup Type EMG HZ 1 x H4A / 1 x FH3A
Tremelo Lag Teardrop String-Thru design (Fixed)
Controls 2xVol / 1xTone / P-Pull Split Coil
Selector Switch 3 Way Toggle


These guitars are produced in France and they have a decent feel and tone to them them. They also have a similar resemblance to a Gibson 335 guitar but it is smaller body it's certainly a solid body. This guitar has a more comfortable back in my opinion and you can reach the frets of the higher portion of the necks much easier than you want a Les Paul guitar. So in essence it has a lots of inspiration coming from Gibson SG guitars. So if you play this guitar was a good high gain amplifier can you get a kick good thick tone that will resemble any other Gibson instrument.


These guitars are very hard to find and if you're looking for this exact model then you probably would have to buy it online. They don't come very easily nowadays because they have discontinued this model and Lag has been producing other models that facilitates this position. If this is something that you desire then the online is probably the only way to go but if you need something that's got to cover this type of tone than I suggest going with a cheaper pPaul reed Smith guitar or a studio version of the Gibson SG guitars. Ibanez also makes a decent sounding and very comfortable Les Paul style guitar as well. So those are some options other than this instrument