LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black
LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black

EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from LTD belonging to the EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony model.

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iamqman 18/12/2011

LTD EC-1000VB EMG / Ebony - Vintage Black : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Not bad"

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ESP guitars has an alternative brand called LTD which is basically the exact same type of guitars but just built overseas. They still carry pretty good quality as compared to the ESP models but at much more budget friendly prices. They still get a good overall feel and balance and tone that you'd find in the ESP guitars as well. If you are partial to the way the ESP guitars feel and sound then this isn't that far from those characteristics.


Detailed Description


BODY: Mahogany

NECK/FINGERBOARD: 3-Pc. Mahogany / Rosewood


INLAYS: Abalone Flags

PICKUPS: EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active

ELECTRONICS: Vol / Vol / Tone / Toggle

BRIDGE/TAILPIECE: Tonepros T3B-T & T1Z Locking

BINDING: Aged Triple White (B/H), Aged White (N)

TUNERS: Schaller Locking


COLOR: Vintage Blacks


The LTD 1000 guitar is basically Gibby Les Paul style body and tone. If you've ever hung around a Gibson Les Paul guitar for any given length of time or even just picked one up in a music store somewhere and you don't pretty much exactly what you're getting get with this instrument. You get a get a thick warm mahogany based tone that will be very rich in distortion. This guitar is a guitar that you get a use during a hard rock or metal typesetting. It can also play decent cleans but nothing compared to a single coil or a lighter wood body. It is a great alternative for the ESP prices if you don't have a whole lot of money.


These guitars come in right around $1200. That is not a bad price for new guitar with EMG pick ups installed. This is a beefy guitar that sounds really good in most and all settings. I would recommend this to someone he's looking for an alternative to Gibson Les Paul guitar with many of the features of the higher and Les Paul guitars but with a much more budget friendly price.