Washburn PI70 Pilsen Idol
Washburn PI70 Pilsen Idol

PI70 Pilsen Idol, Guitarra de forma Les Paul from Washburn in the Idol USA series.

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iamqman 14/02/2012

Washburn PI70 Pilsen Idol : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Good axe"

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Washburn is a company has been really known for their inexpensive guitar insurance and primarily of their Nuno bettencourt series guitars.This guitar is a mahogany based guitar with the body in the neck with a rosewood fretboard. This is a pretty common would set up especially with the Les Paul style body guitar. This guitar also features the Buzz Feiten tuning system which is a little bit different the most of the normal tuning systems on guitars. It is set up to make your guitar in tune for longer time, but it also tuned a little bit differently. Overall this is a pretty good guitar for someone who is looking for a Gibson Les Paul style guitar. It is chaeper build and you will feel that but it god for the money.


Mahogany body
Carved maple top, single cutaway
Stop tail with tune-o-matic bridge
One piece mahogany set neck
Rosewood fingerboard
22 Jumbo frets
24.75" scale
Seymour Duncan® Custom Custom pickups
Exclusive Grover® 18:1 gear ratio tuners
Buzz Feiten Tuning System™
Built in the USA Custom Shop


If you've ever played any type of mahogany bass guitar such as a Gibson Les Paul guitar or a Paul Reed Smith guitar then you're good I know exactly the the tone you're going to get with his instrument. It does have a longer neck than most Gibson Les Paul guitar see you're going to be able to use a little bit more versatility and playing in the upper fret system. This is a one-piece mahogany neck you can get a good sustain out of this as well. Overall this is a fun guitar and if you're looking for something that's under thousand dollars than this is a good instrument by.


These guitars come in new ride at $995. That's a pretty good price for a guitar that does just about anything that you wanted to do. It does come with Seymour Duncan pickups which is a good pick up for this instrument. If you need the name of Gibson then you probably won't look towards this guitar but if you need the sound of a Gibson then this is a good guitar to look at. Overall, this is a nice enough guitar for someone who doesn't need the Gibson name and needs a full body sound of their electric guitar.