Gibson [Guitar of the Week #3] SG Standard - Silverburst
Gibson [Guitar of the Week #3] SG Standard - Silverburst

[Guitar of the Week #3] SG Standard - Silverburst, Guitarra de forma SG from Gibson in the Guitar of the Week series.

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iamqman 23/06/2011

Gibson [Guitar of the Week #3] SG Standard - Silverburst : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"If you like the look...only."

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One of my favorite guitars have to the Gibson SG. One of my all time favorite bands plays this guitar exclusively. Well at least the lead guitar player plays an SG and if you don't know who I'm talking about it's AC/DC.

Angus Young has played an SG guitar for the entire career of the band as far as I know. If you want to get that classic rock AC/DC tone then I would suggest getting a solid sounding Gibson SG.

The old ones or the first ones produced had Les Paul written on the truss rod cap and Les Paul got upset because he hated the look of the SG and then later Gibson removed it.


Standard Colors: Silverburst.
Pick Ups: 490R Alnico Magnet Humbucker Pickup (Neck)
498T Alnico Magnet Humbucker Pickup (Bridge).
Body: Mahogany.
Neck: Mahogany.
Fingerboard: Ebony.
Number of Frets: 22.
Scale Length: 24 ¾ inches.
Options: Rounded Neck Profile
Trapezoid Inlays
"SG" Engraved On Truss Rod Cover
ABR-1 Bridge
Stopbar Tailpiece
Chrome Hardware
Chrome Grover Tuners
Large Black-White-Black Pickguard
Black Top Hat Knobs
2 Volume Controls
2 Tone Controls
3-way Pickup Selector Switch


The tone of the SG is a more subtle Les Paul sound. You get that tight thick crunch from the mahogany wood and the less wood involved thins out the tone a little bit but not in a good or bad way,...just different way.

Another great tonal feature in this guitar is that you don't have to reach as hard for the upper fret register as you would with a Gibson Les Paul. trying to climb your way up to the 20th fret can be a bit difficult on a Les Paul, but not on the SG. You have more control of the fret board and the upper frets. The fret board seems a little more flat on top too. Just a different feel than a standard Gibson Les Paul.


The only reason I'm not a fan of this particular guitar is simply the color. I hate the color of the silverburst. A lot of guys like it because it is generally rare when you see it as an SG or a Gibson Les PAul and the dude form Tool plays silverburst so it has gotten popular in recent years.

I think Gibson only made about 400 of these guitars so getting one might be a little difficult. I have seen them on the used market for around $1500 or so.