Ibanez 2354
Ibanez 2354

2354, Guitarra de forma SG from Ibanez.

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ericthegreat 25/11/2011

Ibanez 2354 : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"Decent guitar for a great price"

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Ibanez has struck a bull’s eye with the 2354 edition of the SG shaped guitar. This guitar looks incredible and sounds the same way. I went with this model for the versatility you get from it. The 60's neck style allows for easy slide and fingering! It has amazing sustained. I still find it hard to believe all the features this model has: coil splitting/locking keys/awesome burst buster III and 57 vintage pickups. The bad is more about strap locs than the guitar. I had to hone out the straplock. The screws they provide were too small


I Went through some details with the sales guy before deciding to purchase this, plugged it in just hit some notes to check out some tones (the guy in the next isle was playing some annoying riffs) and the coil splitters and get some feel for the neck. 5 minutes later, out came the credit card with my wife even smiling because she knew I was happy. Got it home and couldn't put it down. I've heard of some lemons with this model but it looks like I didn't get one! I would suggest to check this out, it may be cheaper LP, but I think it is one of the better ones.


sound is great for the price.


The guitar is light and does well, the handle is nice and lets play without problem. Access to acute is good enough. The feel of this guitar is incredible and it plays like a dream. I heard some problems with them staying in tune and the pleck system. This one stays in tune and no buzzing at all as a matter of fact it was ready to play; I didn’t have to change anything. I am still playing with the different tones. I suggest giving this one a try over some of the other Ibanez models. it’s a little cheaper and has the same sound and feel as the “higher” models from Ibanez. Great Buy!