ESP M-II Deluxe - Metallic Blue
ESP M-II Deluxe - Metallic Blue

M-II Deluxe - Metallic Blue, Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from ESP in the Original series.

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jonoftheshred88 08/07/2014

ESP M-II Deluxe - Metallic Blue : la opinión de jonoftheshred88 (content in English)

"A Killer Guitar I Use Daily"

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The LTD Deluxe is a guitar I happened to snag BRAND NEW for half off. This thing was the perfect upgrade, it literally improved my playing and inspiration as a musician getting a new axe that plays and sounds as beautifully as this one.


The sound is diverse in it's genre application. I've owned guitars that sound great for metal and not nearly as versatile. This thing can nail it all. Funk, blues, jams, heaviness. My leads have never sound more pure and true.


I use the guitar both live (with a Fender Mustang amplifier) as well as for home recording. Never has my guitar work sounded as crisp and tasty as it has with this guitar, both in the studio and on the stage. This suits every style of music I tackle - funk, blues, jazz, flamenco, metal. From fluid, liquid leads with piercing mids to crushing, bass driven distortion to crisp, jagged leads, this thing nails it.


I gotta say this has been my absolute favorite guitar. (The transparent blue finish even matches my tattoo!) I've heard my playing get better just from owning this guitar - my tone is better due to the more versatile and nuanced electronics, and my dexterity has improved due to the silky smooth fretboard. Highly recommended axe for those tired of Fender and Gibson.