Ibanez RG Custom
Ibanez RG Custom

RG Custom, Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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iamqman 30/11/2011

Ibanez RG Custom : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Nice axe!!!"

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Ibanez is one of those manufactures that is really well known for their overdrive distortion pedals called the tube screamer. This is one of the most recognized and probably the most used overdrive or pedal in existence. It has a great tone and classic tone that has been used around the world. Ibanez is also known for their budget friendly and inexpensive guitars. They make decent quality guitars but more importantly very budget friendly instruments for the budgeted musician. Most of their instruments very for $200 to the $500. They do have some extend the opportunity thousands were several thousands but those are usually custom or prestige model instruments. This is one of those models.



Mahogany body
Flamed maple top
5-piece maple/walnut Super Wizard J.custom neck
Rosewood fretboard
24 jumbo frets
DiMarzio Air Norton neck humbucker
DiMarzio True Velvet middle single-coil pickup
DiMarzio Tone Zone bridge humbucker
Master volume, tone controls
5-way pickup selector
Edge Zero bridge with ZPS3


Ibanez guitar sounds fantastic in a hard rock or metal setting. These guitars are very tailored towards the metal guitar player because of the fast action neck, but more importantly the body shape of the instrument. The tone of this guitar is not very woody or full of soul but it's good fast action neck and quick playing balance. They generally come with the Floyd Rose bridges so that eliminates a lot of the blues players. This can be a guitar that's geared towards the aggressive style guitar playing. Whether you put it in a clean or high gain setting it can sound great but where it really finds its natural place is in a high gain distorted tone.


These guitars you can find pretty easily but depending on the color it might be harder to track down. Ibanez guitars pretty much feel exactly the same from instrument instrument. Depending on which pick up is used will determine a lot of the current tone of the instrument. These guitars really take to what ever pick up you give them. So they're very versatile guitar in that sense.