Ibanez RG320FM
Ibanez RG320FM

RG320FM, Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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iamqman 13/09/2011

Ibanez RG320FM : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"decent but not great"

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Ibanez has been known for their tube screamer overdrive petals probably more than any other product that they manufacture. However they do you hold a good chunk of the market of the guitar market primarily because of their low price and budget friendly guitars. Many other guitars hover around the range of $200-$500. They also have some higher-end guitars that have better woods and better construction and build but most of their stuff is pretty budget friendly. That is made them very successful and able to compete in a market that is overly saturated flooded with guitar builders and makers.


I love the tone of this guitar primarily because it's a good shredding in metal guitar. It has a decent tone enough for the price you get the more importantly you get a great feeling neck and the action on the guitar is superb. That is one of the highest selling points of these guitars too many hard rock and metal players is because of the low for action on the frets and the just overall comfort ability at these guitars have throughout the neck. It has a decent balance and wake to it for more importantly it just feels right when you play.


The total that is pretty decent when you use it in conjunction with a high gain amplifier. These guitars are built primarily for the high gain guitar player in mind more than a clean guitar player. The tone of the guitar's clean isn't going to highlight the world or the best feeling of the guitar. However when you put this guitar in front of a high gain amplifier that you can get some great lead tones at solid rhythm tones. Overall the guitar is a pretty decent guitar for what it is and it's not a high-end guitar by any means. The woods are not that great and the build quality is not as the standards of Fender Stratocaster or say some boutique builder of that nature. It's a pretty decent build for what you get and it's a lot better than a Squire guitar for sure.


I highly recommend these guitars for anyone he's wanting to get a good guitar on a cheap budget. They're great feeling great sounding guitar for what you pay . You can find these guitars for right around $3-$500 depending on where you get it but even the used market is flooded with these guitar so I would stick with that. Anyone you need to good shredding guitar or guitar that just feels comfortable on the back the hands and this is a pretty good guitar to start with.