Ibanez RG550 [1987-1994]
Ibanez RG550 [1987-1994]

RG550 [1987-1994], Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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James... 28/12/2011

Ibanez RG550 [1987-1994] : la opinión de James... (content in English)

"Great reissue"

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I am a huge RG collector. I have an original RG550 from 89 and 91. When the reissue was announced I knew I would have to get one. These are for all intents and purposes very faithful reissues. Basswood body. Maple neck. Access neck joint. IBZ pickups. Edge pro bridge. Japan made. Ibanez really decided to do these right. To my eyes these look like time machines. Literally everything is exactly correct. I rarely give a perfect rating but the vibe says it is.


At the time of production these were made to be the best shredders you could find. The Wizard neck still holds up today as a favorite with shredders. It's a wide thin design made for easy scale runs and all that good stuff. You either love it or hate it. The fret access with the originals was not as good because of the block heel. These have the newer access heels which solve that issue. The Edge Pro is possibly my favorite bridge of all time, and fits this guitar perfect. It's very playable and the setup is pristine. While I have babied my reissue since I got it, I have no doubt that it would stand up to heavy touring.


Despite my historical dislike for stock Ibanez pickups, these RG550 ones have always had a bit of magic to them. Seems like a lot of players like how versatile they are. Personally I put some bare knuckles in mine but that's not a knock against the stock ones. They are quite good just not quite my flavor. The wiring in these is fine and I didn't feel the need to gut it.


I am truly impressed with how accurate these are. It's like a true time machine. In fact I would say these are better overall than the originals. The Japan factory is doing some great things these days and they did this guitar a lot of justice. If you can find one of these, please pick it up. It's worth every dime. Who says hair metal is over? I use mine for everything.