Ibanez RGA121
Ibanez RGA121

RGA121, Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from Ibanez in the RGA Prestige series.

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luisjvelez 06/09/2012

Ibanez RGA121 : la opinión de luisjvelez (content in English)

"Great Ibanez for the price"

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Very basic design from Ibanez, natural finish, Gibraltar hard tail bridge, 1 Volume and 1 Tone control. It has a Mahogany body with a Maple top, with a Maple neck in Wizard Prestige Profile for very fast play. Very rarely does Ibanez put out a hard tail that looks like something you'd like to own, but they hit a home run here!


Ibanez didn't change anything about the control layout, but it feels very easy to reach the volume and tone. Being an avid hard tail user, I always find that the whammy bar or just huge tremolos that Ibanez puts out get in the way of the pots, it's very easy to do swells or switch to neck pickup for leads on the fly.

The neck, just like any other Ibanez, is thin and very fast. Ibanez finishes their necks with a satin polyurethane, but there is no sticking or resistance when moving fast, its very relieving and I don't feel a need to sand down the neck.


Let me be completely honest when I say that the stock pickups are not great by any means. They lack clarity, sound muddy and lack bite both in the bridge and neck. I would STRONGLY recommend replacing these first thing. You could easily get a bad impression from this guitar when it has so much more to offer.

I use EMGs 85 Bridge and 60a Neck. I have quested for the perfect EMG in this 81, 85, 89, 60, 60a, JH Set, you name it, I've tried every combo. This guitar is a tone MACHINE. This huge chunk of mahogany has tons of warmth with incredibly sustain. The maple cap brings out the bite and ensures you won't have a muddy mess!


Overall I believe this is one of the best Prestige line guitars that Ibanez offers, I'm very surprised they are not highly sought after. This guitar almost makes me think of an Ibanez version of a Les Paul, mahogany body with maple cap and maple neck. I have had tons of Ibanezes come and go over the years and this one has remained.