Jackson JS1 Dinky
Jackson JS1 Dinky

JS1 Dinky, Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from Jackson belonging to the JS1 Dinky model.

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darkwolf291 21/03/2011

Jackson JS1 Dinky : la opinión de darkwolf291 (content in English)

"Great Beginner/Budget Guitar!"

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This is an Indian made guitar. It has 22 frets on an Indian Rosewood board. It has a maple neck and a Cedro body. It has one tone and one volume knob, and a 3-way Blade pick-up selector switch. It has two Jackson humbucker pick-ups, and a two point Fulcrum (Strat Style) tremolo bridge. It has a standard Jackson Neck with a 12" radius at the nut and a 16" at the heel.


The top notes are very easy to reach, but the heel is cut a bit too thick for my tastes. It makes it a tiny bit uncomfortable to shred on, but it doesn't inhibit your ability to play. The only time I have trouble playing on it is when I hang it too low when standing. It's more of a nuisance than a real problem.
It is VERY easy to get a good sound from. The pick-ups are decent clean and have a good sound when distorted. It's design is the standard Jackson super-strat style, and is a little heavy, but not too heavy.


I've used it in everything from a Line 6 spider to a Peavey 6505+ to a Vox AC30. This thing does metal, rock, and hard rock the best. It can do blues decently as well, but it excels in metal and rock. This is not a country/pop guitar. It is too trebley and bassy for those genres. I use it to mainly play Thrash metal. With too much gain and/or bass, it gets muddy. But that's at very high gain or bass levels.
If I EQ an amp right, I can get good cleans using this guitar. I use only the Neck pick-up for cleans, because it's a thicker, fuller sound. I use the Bridge pick-ups for distortion and the Neck for leads. Distorted this guitar screams. It would benefit immensely from a pick-up change though. A good set of pick-ups would take this from a good guitar to a great guitar.


The thing I love the most about this guitar is the Neck. I prefer the Jackson neck to all of the other brands I've played (Ibanez, Dean, DBZ, Schecter, Fender, Gibson). The thing I like the least about it is the neck joint. It could have been cut thinner.
I paid $210 for this guitar. I feel it is worth more than that. I'd put it in the $250-350 range. This is a beginners or a budget guitar, but it is one hell of a guitar.
The sound quality from this guitar is stellar. I can hear almost any mistake I make and every note rings out clearly when I want it to.
This thing is reliable. In the almost 3 years I've owned it, nothing has broken on it, rusted, warped, or anything else. It has a few dings and scratches, and has a moderate case of buckle-rash on the back of it, but what guitar doesn't? I've gigged with it a lot in the past year and have played dozens of shows, and it's never let me down once. Only time I've ever had to switch guitars on stage is when I had a song in a different tuning,
I tried several other guitars from Ibanez, Dean, and Schecter before I tried this one. Once I played this one, I knew it was the guitar for me. I fell in love with the neck the moment I played the first note on it.
Knowing what I know now, I'd definitely buy this guitar. This is one hell of a beginner/budget guitar.