Schecter C-1 Exotic
Schecter C-1 Exotic

C-1 Exotic, Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from Schecter in the C series.

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Tradesman04 23/05/2013

Schecter C-1 Exotic : la opinión de Tradesman04 (content in English)

"Great axe, if it were lost, I'd definetly find another."

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Made in S. Korea, Schecter high rock II humbuckers, 24 fret, ebony fret board, 2 volume 1 tone pull up split for single coil sound, 3 way selector switch, 6 strings thru body, Schecters adjustable bridge, exotic star centered at 12th fret. Dots are on upper edge of fret board very distinguished none on face, neck solid thru.


Double cut away for ease of access to top frets, extreme cleans, awesome distortion lightweight in comparison to my Fender Stratocaster.


I play this thru a vox tonelab le split into a fender blues junior III, and a pignose 60R studio reverb, miked into a mixing board to a PA system. When needed I loop into a Kustom Quad 100DFX. Chicken picking, chunking, phaser, compressed, country, modley, clean, great for heavy distortion all around sweet axe.


Great value for price especially with what you can get them for used today, if you can find one. I have numerous other guitars including Fender, Hagstrum, Taylor, Washburn. They each serve a purpose. Love the Schecter especially for distortion rock, playability. The ebony fret board is fast. One thing I did was put Elixer Polyweb strings .010-.046 on, the 9s did not do this guitar justice, my opinion to each their own sound. Compare this guitar to $1000 and up it is a beautiful solid guitar a wall hanger of which you don't need to pay the big dollars to get you going. Don't judge this axe by someone on you tube playing thru trashy equipment. This opinion is on a Schecter Exotic guitar bought new in 2006 it does not have C-1 on the truss rod cover it says exotic star. C1 was not on the box or paperwork.