Washburn X33
Washburn X33

X33, Guitarra de forma Stratocaster from Washburn in the X series.

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iamqman 09/07/2011

Washburn X33 : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Not a bad pick up"

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I feel that Washburn have been a little underrated as far as quality and user appeal. sure they don't have the name of a Fender, Gibson, Suhr, or Dean but they have good quality guitar that sometimes look a little goofy but other have a great feel and tone.

This guitars features a nice sunburst paint job on an alder body. You get three single coil pickups and a tremelo arm bar for squeals. The headstock is a unusual but anything other than the normal Fender headstocks look unusual to me. I am so used to seeing the standard Fender headstock which makes anything else seems abnormal. Not that the Washburn headstock is below the Fedner Strats but just different to my eyes.


A singe coil classic!
The carved top X33 is a solid performer and is perfectly at home performing country, rock & blues.

Solid carved top alder bodyBolt on neckRosewood fingerboardGloss finish5-way switch Washburn designed fulcrum tremelo Washburn Shaman single coil pickups Exclusive Grover® 18:1 gear ratio tunersBuzz Feiten Tuning System™ It comes with a Washburn Hard Case and a cord.


I do really appreciate the tuning system that Washburn has on their guitars. It seems that the Feiten tuning system keep their guitars in check for a long period of time and certainly for a hole gig or concert. Just watching Nuno Bettencourt play on stage with the same Washburn N4 and not need a tune is remarkable.

This guitar sounds basically what you have heard from any Fender Stratocaster guitar. The body shape is basically the same. The horns are a little more pointy and sharper than a Strat but the over all body is pretty much the same. This means that the tone is going to be extremely similar to the Strat tone. So when you switch up to the neck pickup you will get that unmistakeably Start blues tone.


I think these guitars were going new when they were issued for around $600. I have seen them in the used section of classifieds for under $400. Not a bad pickup for the alternative to a Fender Starocatser. If you can't afford a Strat this is the next best thing for the price.