Fender Classic Series Japan '62 Telecaster Custom
Fender Classic Series Japan '62 Telecaster Custom

Classic Series Japan '62 Telecaster Custom, Guitarra de forma Telecaster from Fender belonging to the Classic Series Japan '62 Telecaster Custom model.

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iamqman 31/01/2012

Fender Classic Series Japan '62 Telecaster Custom : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Tele is the master"

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The Fender telecasters has a great tone that can get a very unique voice and sound all to itself. Even though it really falls in line with the other fender guitars such as a Fender Stratocaster, the Fender Jaguar, or jazz master or anything else you really feel that Fender tone and presence within the instrument. However it does have its own distinctive voice that sounds nothing like any other guitar in existence.


It has such a unique voice and sustain that sounds very pleasing to the ears and if you use a nice boosted clean amp such as a Fender twin reverb or a Vox amplifier and a nice delay or modulation effects then your going to get along with it. In pretty much any setting or any musical saying you find yourself in this guitar will sounds very good.


I really like the tone of the Fender telecaster when you couple it with fender hot rod deluxe amplifier. Use this guitar with an amp with a good overdrive pedal such as an Ibanez tube screamer or any other boss overdrive coupled with a good delay or modulation if you get great sustained tone. But these guitars do not sound that great with a load of high gain distortion from a pedal or an amp. The Tele has a great sound for most styles of music but doesn't really excel at the nu metal type tones.


These guitars are very well-built guitars that sound good night after night is getting as well as any recording session. You can find the new for right at around $900-$1100 or so on the new market. You can you find them pretty frequently any use classified section of many online forums classifieds. You know when you get one to be a great addition to your guitar catalog or even a great primary instrument for any of your musical needs.