Rickenbacker 360 - Mapleglo
Rickenbacker 360 - Mapleglo

360 - Mapleglo, Guitarra Eléctrica Hollow Body/Semi Hollow from Rickenbacker belonging to the 360 model.

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iamqman 25/03/2011

Rickenbacker 360 - Mapleglo : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)


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I am a huge fan of U2 and the Beatles. When I saw the concert of U2 at Slain castle and the Edge came out on Mysterious Ways playing a 12 string Rickenbacker it really expanding my interest in this guitar company. I also watched the Live In Boston concert from U2 and noticed he played a black 360, so at that moment I was hooked on getting one. And of course George Harrison and crew were sporting Rickenbackers back in the day and were really the first band to make this company with their iconic guitar look explode onto the scene.

Rickenbacker 360 Electric Guitar Features:

* Deluxed semi-hollowbody construction
* Special contour around the entire body perimeter is incredibly comfortable
* Bound body
* Rosewood fingerboard inlaid with triangular pearloid markers
* Maple neck with dual truss rods
* Single-coil pickups deliver everything from clean tone to biting overdrive
* 3-way selector for each pickup
* Master preset allows tone and volume settings to be set up for instant selection with a toggle
* Stereo output


This guitar is one of the most beautiful guitars I had ever scene. The fireglow was just amazing to look at. And for me that is basically where I left it. I really liked the look of the guitar but it felt a little cheap to me. Though it is semi-hollow bodied it just had this feel that it was cheap. However not all of them felt like this, but I have played enough 360 and 330 Ric's that most of them to me felt very cheap. They do have a unique sound which is great but to me it is not an everyday sound for rock music. If you are into effects like the Edge is then this maybe a guitar for you. Or if you are a collector or something. I haven't been able to spend much time with the older Rickenbackers and perhaps there is a different feel to those but the newer ones just don't live up. All be it my favorite bass guitar is an 80's cream/ white Rickenbacker 4003.

One of the unique things about Ric's is the stereo output. They have a regular guitar jack plug and then they have the extra stereo plug for playing into two different amps. Though I never ran it like this.


The sound is unique and has that iconic voicing to it but for me it isn't an everyday guitar. There pickups are pretty beefy for single coil.

I was using mine with a Marshall JMP and a vintage Marshall 4x12 cab with Celestion blackback speakers. I had several effect unit but I'll stick with the main setup. This sound was pretty good. The pickups seemed to have a higher output then my standard Les Paul pickups. So that was a cool thing that this guitar had going for it.


I love the iconic look of this guitar. I don't like the sound that it has and I don't like the feel that it has. It has its moments for sure but at the end of the day your probably not going to gel with it if you are into rock and or metal. For pop music or ambient stuff this guitar will sound right for you. I am not sure what they are priced at new. I got mine of the used market for about $1400 which is about right at the time I was looking. I ended up selling it for $1250 for a loss but oh well. They are cool to look at for me but I would much rather play a Strat,Les Paul. or a Charvel.