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Hatsubai 23/04/2011

Ibanez RG2077XL : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)

"Extended scale RG"

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The RG-2077XL is a seven string model that Ibanez created for those who like the extended scale guitars that other companies have offered. One problem some people have when downing seven string guitars is that the tension is always loose, despite using heavy gauge strings. This guitar helps fix that with the longer 27'' scale. Besides the extended scale and middle single coil pickup, this guitar is pretty much the exact same as the RG-1527. The only differences would be the offset inlays and binding on the body.


The extended scale really helps when you're tuning down to something like A or lower. It also gives it a bit more "snap" than the other Ibanez guitars out there. As always, the higher fret access is absolutely wonderful thanks to the extended cutaway in the lower horn and the All Access Neck Joint. The middle pickup is also a nice addition for those who are wanting some single coil action in their seven string guitars. If you've never played a 27'' guitar, it shouldn't be too hard to get used to. The difference in scale length is somewhat like going from a Gibson to a Fender.


The pickups in this are pretty much the same as the New 7s that other Ibanez guitars have offered. I'm pretty sure they're just renamed. Because of that, you'll probably want to replace them. Unfortunately, there aren't many single coil seven string pickups out there, so you'll probably have to either keep the middle pickup stock or get a Blaze single. That aside, once you replace the pickups, the guitar sounds great, and the added "snap" thanks to the extended scale offers a very nice bite in rhythm tones, as well as clarity in the lead tones.


If you're looking for an extended scale seven string Ibanez, this is one of the few options you have. They're pretty rare in the US market, but I see them pop up from time to time in the European market for whatever reason. It's a very solid guitar, and if you're an Ibanez seven string fan, they're definitely worth looking into.