Schecter Jeff Loomis FR
Schecter Jeff Loomis FR
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heads on fire 29/12/2011

Schecter Jeff Loomis FR : la opinión de heads on fire (content in English)


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CONSTRUCTION/SCALE: Set-Neck / 26.5" / Smooth access transition to body
FRETS: 24 Jumbo
INLAYS: Metal Cross
PICKUPS: Active EMG 707 humbuckers in neck and bridge position
ELECTRONICS: Vol/3-Way switch
BRIDGE: Floyd Rose Original 7-String Tremolo
TUNERS: High Quality Grover
OUTPUT: 1/4"


This is a very nice 7 string guitar from Schecter, yet the design is a bit limiting. What I mean is, due to the cosmetic appointments, the audience will be a niche audience of metalheads and Loomis-freaks. This is fine - this guitar is incredible for the style of high-impact shred and brutality that Nevermore offers. The Original Floyd Rose vibrato system is very smooth, withstands loads of abuse, and comes true back to pitch pretty well. Dive bombs and up-pulls are possible, and they sound great all over.


The added 7th string combined with the greater scale length makes this guitar thunderous. The lows are unreal! And the maple neck with maple fretboard enhance the clarity overall. EMG 707 pickups round out the package, and they compliment the 7th string and wood choice very well. As one could imagine, the pickups are high-output, with boosted lows and highs, a touch of a scooped mid sound, and crystal clear. Normally I'd knock a point off for lack of a tone control and just 3 pickup positions, but this guitar sounds perfect for what it does, so this section gets a perfect 10!


For anyone looking to get a great extended range instrument, this is a fine choice, so long as the cosmetic appointments are welcomed. The guitar surely looks very distinctive. But if it fits, go for it - this is a very well-made axe that will perform every time. I'd recommend this highly for shredders, metalheads, and anyone in to very experimental music.