Line 6 JTV-59 - Cherry Sunburst
Line 6 JTV-59 - Cherry Sunburst

JTV-59 - Cherry Sunburst, Guitarra Eléctrica Solid Body de modelización from Line 6 belonging to the [James Tyler Variax] JTV-59 model.

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loudfunk 30/01/2012

Line 6 JTV-59 - Cherry Sunburst : la opinión de loudfunk (content in English)

"The concept is growing up..."

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This is the US build Variax. It has 2 hum buckers by Seymour Duncon, the piezo for the Variax guts, volume, tone, and the Variax selector to switch models, and select alternate tunings. As well as a les paul type toggle switch. It also has a network jack output to to go to the Variax "hockey pick adapter to go into your computer via USB to use the Line 6 work bench to edit settings or into a Pod HD for connecting in the digital domain.
It has a wrap around Les Paul Jr. type bridge.

It's a very nicely made, well playing guitar. Fret access is good, especially forLes Paul type single-cut body shape.
The USB settings/computer connect ability depending on your PC or Mac can be a bit daunting at times. But as of know those drivers seem stable.

Sounds...first off, the magnetic pick-ups sound actually pretty awesome. they're a bit hot for my taste. But no more so than say in a les Paul Classic.
It has less midrange honk than a Les Paul. Now lets take a look at the Variax sounds. The stand outs for me are the Les paul, Les Paul Special and Firebird. The Gretsch' are very nice. The 335 is a bit too honky and dull. The Start with gain is glorious, the in-between settings could stand a bit more "quack". The acoustics need some careful balancing of the tone knob which then becomes a moving the mic between sound hole and finger board virtual placement.
The sitar is one of my have off the wall things in it.
The 12 strings at the default setting sound a bit too processed, but rolling down the tone helps. In this case it determines how much octave string you have in the signal.
All and all its a great palette at your disposal. The common complaint about "dinginess" to the attack on palm mutes isn't an issue if you lighten your right hand and move it a tad back.

The tunings is where th fun starts. Want open strings in a solo but the tune is in F minor? Just set the tuning to up a half step and play in E. Need drop D and Drop C# in the same set but don't want to carry extra guitars? there you go it's in there. And my have the baritone tuning and low B tuning. Sweet on a Tele.
I'm glad I got this guitar.