Fender Kurt Cobain Road Worn Jaguar
Fender Kurt Cobain Road Worn Jaguar

Kurt Cobain Road Worn Jaguar, Guitarra Eléctrica Solid Body de tipo JZ/JG from Fender in the Jaguar series.

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tjon901 01/12/2011

Fender Kurt Cobain Road Worn Jaguar : la opinión de tjon901 (content in English)

"Accurate Kurt Cobain replica"

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Kurt Cobain was the guitar Icon of the 90s. He wasnt that great of a player but he changed what we thought of rock music at the time. There have been other Kurt Cobain Fender guitars but I think this is the first truly accurate model. The model is basically a modded Jaguar. It retains a lot of the old Jaguar crazyness but has some decent tone to go with it. On this guitar you get an alder body. The whole guitar has a light relicing to it. The neck is maple with a bound rosewood fretboard. You do not see many Fenders with bound fretboards anymore. The headstock is the smaller design which looks kind of strange on a Jaguar to me. It still has the crazy Jaguar tremolo that no one uses and all the crazy electronics. The Jaguar design gives nice balance. The aging on all the hardware gives the guitar a broken in feel. The controls are modified and it helps with the usability on the guitar. The guitar has a volume for each pickup along with a master tone so it has a more traditional control setup. The old Jaguar also did not have a simple 3 way toggle that this one has. The tuners are upgraded as well to a more modern spec so it holds tune a lot better. The short Jaguar scale gives you a little less string tension so it is easier to play most of the time. The pickups are a set of Dimarzios which is very cool for a guitar like this Jaguar. You get a classic Super Distortion in the bridge and a PAF 35 Anniversary pickup in the neck. The Super Distortion has all the tone you need for Grunge or Punk rock. It has a very period overdrive sound. It is not super compressed like a modern pickup but it has an old school wide open hot pickup sound. It does not clean up well but the PAF works for that. The neck pickup is more vintage in output and sound. It has the classic PAF sound. It is good for leads and clean tones. All the other tone switches are still active on this guitar so you can engage the lead circuit and the rhythm circuit if you please but these things were designed more for single coils. With humbuckers they do not have much of an effect on the overall tone of the guitar. The master tone does more than the little tone circuits. If you are Kurt Cobain fan this guitar is a must have. I think it is kind of expensive for a non USA made Fender. It is about 1500 dollars for a Mexican made Fender. I think thats kind of odd since you can get USA made Fenders for less than that. The guitar is still great overall and for Nirvana fans it will be welcome as it is the first good and accurate Kurt Cobain signature model, and it comes in lefty.