Guild GAD-50
Guild GAD-50

GAD-50, Guitarra Folk Acústica Dreadnought from Guild in the GAD series.

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swmcv2007 30/01/2009

Guild GAD-50 : la opinión de swmcv2007 (content in English)


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This is a chinese made acoustic guitar manufactured by Guild. It is your standard dreadnought acoustic with 20 frets and no cutaway. It has a nice and thin neck with very nice string spacing on the fretboard. Mine is in the natural burst and its simple but very appealing. The guy at the store said it was made of spruce and rosewood. He's a very honest salesman who loves guitars so I'm positive on that.

I give this guitar a 9 because while it's not the best guitar in the world, it serves its purpose with pride, especially for a non-USA made guitar.


The neck on this guitar is great. As I said before the spacing between the strings is perfect. You can easily make chord changes or do some lead work without a sweat. The access to the higher frets isn't stellar but if you like to play pas the 13th 14th fret on an acoustic you should be buying a cutaway.

The design of this guitar is simple but very effective (and beautiful.) It doesn't have any frills but it feels great in your hands and doesn't weigh much since it doesn't have any electronics.

I give this guitar a 9 once again because it is simple and very effective. Playing is a breeze and this thing doesn't stifle creativity like some acoustics.


This guitar sounds good for any type of music. It has a real classic acoustic sound. Very warm and full as opposed to other guitars in its price range which sound sharp and chalky. The notes lower on the neck ring clear but sound organic. The higher register is shimmery and a little bit more rounded so it blends with the low end perfectly. No other guitar in this price range sounds as organic as this one. Due to the use of woods it sounds like a real acoustic should. Nice job Guild.

I give this guitar a 10 for sound because you can't beat the bang for the buck of this guitar in terms of sound.


I've been using this guitar for about 2 months now and I love it more every day. Other acoustics I've owned have made playing seem boring. They stifled my creativity. I can jam out on this guitar for hours and no matter what I want to play it for just a little bit more. I use it for open mics and the other guy I play with has one too. People often comment on how warm our tone is and how they enjoy it. Even a lot of non-musicians.

I tried a lot of other guitars in this price and I can't believe the difference. Everything else played poorly and sounded fake. Guild has really impressed me with the GAD-50. If something were to happen to this guitar I would definitely get it again because you get great tone and playability for a very reasonable price.

I give this guitar a 10 for overall because it really shines through all of its competition and has the quality of a more expensive guitar for the price of a mid-level guitar.