Martin & Co DXM

DXM, Guitarra Folk Acústica Dreadnought from Martin & Co in the X series.

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moosers 04/11/2009

Martin & Co DXM : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Martin & Co DXM is dreadnought acoustic guitar that isn't an acoustic/electric, so it doesn't have any pick ups or setting controls.  The body of this guitar is made out of both wood and polymer and the neck and rest of the body is made out of some sort of laminated material, which is the reason that this guitar is so cheap.  Like all Martin guitars, this was made in the USA and I believe that it has somewhere between twenty and twenty-two frets.


The overall feel of the Martin & Co DXM is pretty good.  While it doesn't compare to the other guitars that Martin makes, it is definitely playable and isn't uncomfortable on the fingers at all.  I would just say that is lacks a certain fluid feeling that is prevalent in most Martin guitars.  However, of course this is trade-off that you make with a lower end guitar.  Getting a good sound isn't too hard as this guitar definitely has a full bodied tone that is perfect for a wide variety of music.


While this of course doesn't have the same sweet sound that has made Martin famous, it definitely has a nice overall.  It is full bodied and overall pretty thick sounding.  I have mostly used the guitar for practicing on as I don't own it and have used a friend of mines.  I probably wouldn't recommend this as a primary recording guitar, but for live shows and practicing this is a perfect guitar for someone on a budget.  It is suitable for all sorts of music that you would want an acoustic guitar on including rock, folk, pop, and country.


I first used the Martin & Co DXM about a year ago and was immediately impressed with it considering how cheap this guitar is.  While a guitar at this price will never sound as good as one double or triple this, it overall has a pretty good sound is easy to play.  While I wouldn't recommend the guitar for professionals or experienced players, I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a cheap acoustic guitar that still sounds good and is playable.  I would have expected the Martin & Co DXM to be a lot more than it is and because of this it is definitely a good deal and is a guitar that all beginners and intermediate players should look into.