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moosers 20/06/2009

Martin & Co M-38 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)

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The Martin & Co M-38 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar that has a vintage sound and look and was made in the Nazareth, PA, US, where all of these fine guitars are made.  The guitar isn't acoustic/electric so there aren't any pick ups or setting controls, but for me you really don't need them as this guitar sounds both great on its own and awesome when it is mic'd up as well.


The feel of the Martin M-38 is absolutely brilliant as it is quite easy to play and is always a pleasurable instrument to pick up.  The shape of the guitar is in the dreadnought style that Martin is so famous for, but has a more vintage color and overall look than most of the other dreadnought acoustic guitars that Martin has to offer.  Getting a good sound is really easy, but it all depends on what you consider a good sound to be.  However, if you love the sound of a older dreadnought acoustic guitar, it is hard to match this guitar with any other.


The sound of the Martin M-38 is quite unique and at the same time is pretty much universally loved.  It definitely has a slightly vintage sound to it but still has the fullness of a modern guitar.  It is hard to describe the brilliant sound of the M-38 without actually hearing it and I would encourage those truly interested in this guitar to seek out sound clips or go to the store and try it out to see if it will work with your style and what you are trying to do.


I first used the Martin M-38 only about a year ago, but I wish I had used it earlier as it has become one of my favorite Martin guitars both because of its great sound and really cool vintage look.  Martin is simply the best when it comes to making acoustic guitars, but this guitar does come at a steep price because of this and is really designed for professionals or someone looking to drop a lot of change on a guitar that will last a lifetime.  Simply another beautiful guitar designed by the masters of their craft.